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Mike Cottingham CEO
Mike Cottingham has been in Taiwan for 37 years, and has great knowledge and in depth observation of alcohol market in Asia. He became a member of 'Keepers of The Quaich" in 2012. He has great passion and knowledge of Scotch, and wishes to introduce more interesting spirits to Asian consumers.

Andrew Cottingham  Vice President
Son of Mike Cottingham, Andrew is currently the general manager of Cottingham Shanghai and in charge of China, Hong Kong and Macau. Andrew has run a trading company in England successfully, and has a unique point of view of spirits promotion and development in new markets. He plays an important role developing Chinese market in Cottingham.

Julie Lee  Vice President
Julie is in charge of both Cottingham Taipei and Shanghai, and she is the first female member of "Keepers of The Quaich" in Taiwan. She is very familiar with the spirits market in Greater China, currently doing marketing and sales development in both Taiwan and China.
Julie Lee  Vice President
Cindy is the COO of Cottingham Taipei and CFO of Cottingham Shanghai, besides all the finance and budget allocation, she is in charge of all the logistic in both companies.