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Cottingham Company has been dealing alcohol importing and brand representing for over twenty years, and we have been even more aggressive of doing single cask business in recent years. We aim to introduce the most authentic Scotch whisky to Asian consumers, to leverage the quality of drinking culture in Asia. The company CEO, Mike Cottingham, has been living in Taiwan for nearly forty years, and he is very familiar with Asian drinking market. Because of his dedication and contribution of Scotch whisky, he was awarded as the life member of "The Keepers of the Quaich" in 2012.
Unique Whisky from Single Casks
Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky is the ultimate in limited-edition whisky offerings to discerning consumers. Whereas each distillery has its own style of whisky, the individuality of the wood used in each cask, the passage of time and the location of the maturation process combine to produce whiskies of truly individual character. For the connoisseur, owning such a cask, a unique example of the distiller's art, unlike any other, can offer the ultimate expression of your individuality. Celebrate your success in life and make a personal statement with this badge of distinction.
The Selection Process
Some distilleries can offer a wide range of ages and styles of whisky, some dating back to the 1950s or even earlier. Of course, the older and rarer whiskies are in limited supply, and can never be repeated.

Samples of whisky from suitable numbered casks are sourced from some of the world's finest distilleries and brought for the customer's personal selection. The selection criteria will include distillery, taste, colour, alcohol strength, quantity, price, and availability. Cottingham will offer advice and guidance on the selection, but the final decision will be made by the buyer. When selected, the complete cask will be reserved exclusively for the customer, and a date will be set for bottling in Scotland.
Bottling and Design
The customer may also specify any customisation of the label and packaging according to his or her requirements. Typically the customer may require his name, his company name, personal emblem, logo, and any special celebration, such as an anniversary, to be included on the label and packaging. Cottingham will coordinate with the distillery and the customer to finalise the artwork. Prior to bottling, the whisky will be "gauged" by Her Majesty's Government, This means that the strength of the whisky will be finalised, prior to bottling. Single Cask whisky is usually bottled at cask strength, which will vary from cask to cask.

After bottling, labeling, and packaging, the whisky will be shipped to Cottingham and delivered to the customer. The entire process usually takes about three months, from initial enquiry to delivery.
A copy of a certificate issued by Her Majesty's Government will be given to the customer. This certificate authenticates the strength of the whisky, and the age of the whisky. It is the customer's guarantee of authenticity.
The knowledge that you possessi a truly unique whisky, selected by yourself, and customised to your personal taste, brings a satisfaction which can be enjoyed for many years. The whisky may be kept as part of a collection, for personal consumption, for tasting by groups of Single Malt enthusiasts, for corporate gifting, as a celebration of success, a personal statement, or simply as a badge of distinction. It can be savoured as an expression of a luxury lifestyle. It is also interesting to note that this type of whisky is becoming rarer and more valuable. Every cask sold lowers the distillery stocks, and no more whisky of that vintage will ever be produced. The older vintages of whisky have risen significantly in value as stock becomes depleted, and as consumers discover the merits of Single Cask Single Malt ownership.