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Established as a grocery business in 1895 in the heart of Scotland's whisky-making region, Gordon & MacPhail curated exotic commodities from around the world. After John MacPhail's retirement and James Gordon's passing, John Urquhart found himself became senior partner of the firm, and started to build up the spirits side of the business, focusing on understanding the spirit from the great local single malt whisky producers, such as Macallan, Glenlivet, Glen Grant, Linkwood, and Mortlach, along with others both in the Speyside region and across Scotland.


It was through these carefully crafted relationships with local single malt distillers and a deep understanding of the spirit which they produced, that John Urquhart was able to focus on the importance of maturation. Matching spirit with oak, Urquhart turned Gordon & MacPhail into"Cask Curators," sourcing wood with which to fill new-make spirit from across Scotland's malt distilleries. 



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