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Tomatin The Single Cask - 2003 Single Cask


Basic Info

Tomatin 2004 Cask 2674 Sherry Hogshead
Aroma – Dark cherry and chocolate, cocoa, coffee and gentle cinnamon spice. Mixed nuts with dried prunes and sultanas.
Palate – More coffee. Marzipan and orange zest mixed with tobacco and leather.
Finish – Deep, full and rich.

Tomatin 2003 Cask 36804 Moscatel Barrique
Aroma – Pineapple sponge cake, strawberry jam. Almonds, marzipan and ginger all combine with vanilla and custard.
Palate – Toasted fruit loaf, ginger biscuits and golden syrup. Apricot with floral notes.
Finish – Light and fresh