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Tomatin Single Malt - Grand Select


Basic Info

King of Highland Whisky, Tomatin, presents this single malt Scotch to Asia customers specifically. The Grand Select is a type of no-age whisky with abundant flavor and layers in affordable price. Matured in the combination of Bourbon barrel and virgin oak, this whisky is now fresh and sweet, and with multiple variation in either neat or a cocktail.
Graham Nicolson, sales manager of Tomatin Asia, says that the Grand Select is a response to customers in Asia through years of observation Tomatin made, it is the whisky that perfectly meet Asian taste. Taiwan is the first place where the Grand Select meets everyone, and it is the gift that Tomatin presents Asia.


AromaSweetness brought by the combination of Bourbon barrel and virgin oak. Apperent vanilla, coconut and citrus fruit note.
PalateFeel the taste of green apple, and cream dessert. Then fresh pine nut and sweet vanilla flavor follow behind.
FinishFresh and clean finish.