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DICTADOR - DICTADOR 12 YEARS sorela system rum


Basic Info

DICTADOR 12 YEARS SOLERA SYSTEM RUM is made from the fermentation of virgin sugar cane honey distilled partly in copper alembic and partly in a steel continuous column, to achieve our signature medium-bodied rum. Aged in oak barrels through a solera system and then bottled under caring, expert eyes, so we can ensure the final liquid is of the highest quality and all of our flavour secrets remain in tact.


Double gold medal at WSWA Tasting Competition 2013
Gold medal at WSWA Tasting Competition 2012.
Gold medal at World Spirit Award 2011
Gold medal at 2010 International Rum Expert Panel


Tasting Notes

Light copper colour with amber highlights, an intense treacle nose and maple syrup, tobacco and leather aromas. Fruit and honey on the palate with creamy spiced oak notes and a finish of cigar tobacco and coffee.